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Rats under Honeyngton Session 3 (In Honeyngton)

With 3 robbers not able to flee, our heroes find out quite a lot about Cordovans group.

Their hear how Morena used to be the Boss until she moved to Honeyngton and then Cordovan took over. Lately they had had not much success in robbing coaches, the last one four days ago was a red coach with an old man and a young blessed of TSA performing a miracle. When she exited the coach she had an aura of peace surrounding her and the robbers let her travel on without harm.

After the interrogation the heroes decide against punishing the robbers, though in Honeyngton they report them to the guards.

The unusually joyful Alrik notes down the report Hluthar and Savertin gave at the guards headquarters and remembers that four days ago a coachman told the story how a TSA miracle saved him from robbers. Alrik remembers that the coachman wanted to praise the goddess at her temple.

At the same time Barukh and Halvar go to the temple of PERaine and after donating some coins Gilia tends to Halvars arrow wound. In the distance they also see Mother Peraingard further back in the temple.

Meanwhile Nitor brought their luggage to an Inn and then picks the heroes back up from the PERaine temple and the guards headquarters and they decide to drive by the TSA temple to follow the lead.

In Honeyngton the temple of TSA has been empty for many years and only recently the young Tsaian came down from Andergast and reopened it as a poorhouse.  When the heroes arrive he is feeding the poor and after some wait they can talk to him and find out that that coachman indeed came to donate. He mentioned that he delivered the old man and young priestess near the brothel at the other side of the city. Tsaian was not disturbed that Tsamara did not come to the temple herself and explained that what the coachman (and the robbers) saw was the effect of a liturgy called Peaceful Aura that is very common among priests of TSA.

The evening ended in the White Vagabond where the heroes met the staff and some patrons. Here Halvar suspected Deidre to also be a witch because of her having reddish hair and a cat. But his cantrip Witch’s Gaze did not reveal her to be one.

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