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Nice to Meet You

We are a small group of people that enjoy The Dark Eye (TDE) and wish to share our knowledge and experiences with people, hopefully encouraging others to look at the game and try it too!

Who are we?

  • Alisdair: Hi! I'm Alisdair, or Ali for short, I'm an avid roleplayer with a couple of decades of experience playing a bunch of different games ranging from many iterations of D&D to more obscure games like Mouse Guard. I'm a huge fan of grittier settings for RPGs and in my ongoing search for new ones to try, I came across The Dark Eye during the COVID pandemic. I'll be writing blog posts with the focus on "the new guys", I have far less knowledge of the rules and world than everyone else, so should provide the "normal perspective" for people coming to the game fresh!

  • Dennis: Dennis had his first contact with TDE in 1998, when his brother’s friends shared exciting tales about that fantastic game they played. Their stories where so captivating, that his next birthday money was immediately invested into a adventurous looking box set.
    Since this day the excitement is unbroken and his first steps into the fog moors were followed by uncountable more through the world of Aventuria and ist neighbouring continents.
    When TDE 5th ed. was on the horizon, Dennis joined the gamma test team for many of the books and contributed feedback and some of his ideas.  Recently he joined the ranks of authors with the card sets for Bandits&Guardsmen and The Shores Of The God Whale.
    He runs demo games at Conventions and Trade Shows and reintroduced the Multi Table Events („Multi-Paralell-Adventures“)at Ratcon in Limburg.

  • Karsten: Karsten started roleplaying in the 80s - as many German kids did back then - with Das Schwarze Auge. Over the years he played dozens of other RPGs but always came back to his favoured world ob Aventuria. Since moving abroad he mainly played online though he occasionally travels back to Germany for an in-person session with old friends. And he is eagerly awaiting for his own kids to start playing The Dark Eye. His blog posts will be a mix of old man ramblings, GM thoughts and adventure anecdotes.

  • Lambert: My RPG "career" began in the mid 80ies when my older brother returned from the toy shop with Core Box of the Dark Eye (2nd Edition). It was my and my friend's game of choice for a number of years until eventually it got replaced by the cooler, and more American feeling DnD during puberty. Having left Germany in the mid 90ies there weren't many chances to return to Aventuria, but I had caught the role-playing bug. Countless RPGs and gaming societies and clubs later I now find myself running two weekly Dark Eye games, one with my current long-running gaming group which started in the mid 2000s and the other with complete newbies to the hobby who wanted to try Dungeons and Dragons after hearing about it on Stranger Things etc.




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