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NPC Wednesdays #23

Mother Peraingard is a Steward of the Land (Archpraetor) in the Church of Peraine and leads the Temple in Honeyngton.

As such she knows the secret holy words to call the famous Honeypot to cure any disease, poisoning or wound, even if she is not in the Temple (see Call of Talisman below) and also decides who can learn these holy words.

She belongs to the movement of the Helpers of the Benign One (Gods of Aventuria p.96) and is dedicated to fight against diseases and poisons.

Born near Gareth on a farm, she first came to Honeyngton as a young priest on pilgrimage to see the holy Honeypot. Years later she came back to learn the holy words that can summon this Talisman and again many years later, after leading a smaller, less important temple in Arania, she was assigned to the Temple in Honeyngton.

After a long and distinguished career in the church, Peraingard sees this as her final step in service to the Goddess Peraine and is now sharing her experience with younger priests like Gilia, so they eventually can serve Peraine as good as she did over the decades.

Call of Talisman


Effect: This liturgy allows a blessed one to call forth one of the talismans his church possesses and that the blessed one knows the tradesecret for. The Talisman will appear with the blessed one regardless of the distance to its storage location and it will return at the end of the duration to that storage location. While the talisman has already been called by another blessed one it is not available for anyone else (20 on a 1d20 roll). To actually use the special powers of the Talisman it has to be activated with Karmapoints or a Fatepoint.

Liturgical Time: 4 actions

KP Cost: 32 KP

Range: Self

Duration: QL hours

Target Category: Objects (Talisman) Traditions: General

Improvement Cost: D

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