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Rats under Honeyngton Part 5a

The White Vagabond

This article introduces an Inn in Honeyngton that will be the stage for an adventure hook but could also be used on its own. I got a bit behind on the maps and they will come in part 5b in two weeks.

The White Vagabond was created by Niall Kevendoch by refurbishing the old "Drunken Unicorn" that stood near the cattle market in Honeyngton on a smaller road.

The estate consist of the Inn itself, a stable and a courtyard surrounded by a simple stone wall, allowing for coaches of travelers to be stored somewhat secure.

Niall is running the Vagabond with his second wife Deirdre

And with his two kids from his first marriage.

His son Liam helps out serving guests.

Glenna is mainly looking after the stables

Also working at the Inn is bar maid Fianna

At the White Vagabond guests can find local dishes as well as a few specials Niall brought from his traveling days. During those years he also established good connections to a number of dwarves, making the Inn the best place in Honeyngton to savour Dwarven Ales.

Accommodations range from a large dormitory above the stables to dual and single occupancy rooms across multiple stories of the main building.

In game terms the White Vagabond has a quality level of 4 with prices roughly to match.

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