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NPC Wednesdays #28

Josmine is an old Witch and unfortunately not being one of the rare egg born witches that are ageless, her body has become frail.

A word on ageing: there is a set of guidelines in TDE ( not yet translated to English) that allow you to simulate ageing effects to characters. Usually relevant if an adventure contains time manipulation that leads to Heroes ageing quickly in short periods of time. These rules are also helpful if you want to create older Characters.

So far, those human NPC that were older (Peraingard, Thamos Arkanion, Baltram Gorbas, Gerion and Hadwiga) had only little or no effect from Ageing. Josmine however being in her mid seventies has been affected so much that you will see reduced attributes and lifepoints

Old Josmine, as the Neighbours call her, is now slower than she used to be and feels the cold winters stronger. Her still colourful hair betrays her age a bit and her mind is still sharp for most parts, though she feels becoming more forgetful and her hearing is also not as good as it once was and at night times she is almost blind.

Her magical powers are still strong, though she might not be as good in some spells and might have forgotten some rarely used tricks. Her main field always was alchemy, healing magic and potions, but she is a bit rusty outside those fields. She also changed her old flying Broomstick for a much more comfortable Barrel for traveling.

Josmine lives in a small hut just outside the local hamlet (that you could place almost anywhere not too close to a larger town) with her "adopted" daughter Rovena and her trusty Toad-Familiar Xydro.

*Witch's Wood is a variation of the Motoricus spell that works only on wooden objects with the casting time halved to 1 action and the range doubled to 16 yards

**The spell enhancement "Multiple Objects" is available for Witch's Wood at SR8, otherwise works the same as the spell enhancement of the same name for the Motoricus spell does

***Witch's Gaze is a cantrip that lets a witch recognise another witch by looking in her eyes and seeing a purple shimmer only visible to her.

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