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NPC Wednesdays #30

Niall Kevendoch is an Innkeep in Honeyngton together with his second wife Deirdre. Two of his kids from his first marriage help him run "The White Vagabond", near the cattle market in Honeyngton.

He is well liked by travelers and locals alike and in particular cattle tradesmen like to stay at the rustic but well kept house with the large sign depicting a figure cloaked in white with a travel pack.

If asked he likes to tell people the story that it is actually him on that sign in his younger years, when he used to be "a bit of an adventurer myself". Though his stories of what he experienced while traveling seem

quite fantastic and more than enough for a lifetime.

While most are actually stories he picked up from his guests, he indeed was an adventurer for a number of years until he stroke rich and settled down in his hometown, buying the old rundown "Drunken Unicorn" and renovated it to one of the better places to stay in Honeyngton.

He is quite protecting of the reputation the Vagabond has built up and is weary of troublemakers. When intimidation, often supported by a heavy crossbow convieniently stored under the counter, does not work to prevent a barfight (and damaged interior), he will wade in, as he is still an experienced bar fighter.

At a pinch, he would also pick up his old and trusty bastard sword and with enough time he would also wear his chain mail.

Some of the special abilities he has listed can be found in The Dark Eye GM Screen & Tavern Guide

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