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As a stage for a number of NPCs from our #NPCwednesdays series, Honeyngton is a mid sized city with 2800 inhabitants located in the western province Albernia in the Middenrealm. It is mainly known for the Honeypot of Sancta Theria, a religious talisman of the Church of Peraine, that once cured a pandemic and can still be called upon by blessed of Peraine to heal diseases, poisons and wounds, attracting lots of pilgrims. Honeyngton is also famous as one of the four towns (others are Bethana, Norburg and Zorgan) that rotate to host the yearly All-Aventurian Bardfest. It is also located at the crossroads of multiple trade routes with 5 city gates, a market hall as largest building and known for making and trading paper, soaps, sausages and honey.

It has been generously rebuild with wide open spaces within the city walls gor future growth when it was a contender to become the capital of Albernia a couple of hundred years back. That function eventually moved back to Havena and Honeyngton was left with lots of green areas.

More then a decade ago, during the dark times of a civil war, forces from the Northmarches occupied Honeyngton and oppressed the population.

Countess Franka Salva Galahan has spent the time since the liberation and end of the civil war to remove traces of the occupation and bring back the good hearted nature of the town. This lead her to not complete the large castle the occupiers started to build after razing the ruins of the old smaller castle.

The only dark spot since then has been the mysterious fire that claimed the temple of Praios a few years ago.

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