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NPC Wednesdays #34

The knowledge that some bards actually use magic to enhance their music is a rather recent discovery. The Dervish sect had been in hiding in the centre of the Khôm desert until recently. Sangara are unwelcome by their superstitious brethren and outside of their thorwalian homelands they are often mistaken for the far more famous and numerous Skalds. In Albernia the Ceoladir are actually quite well known, but their magic abilities were often explained as being magic dilletantes or maybe a fairy gift or some elven heritage.

Brendan Collen discovered his magic abilities while already in training as a non magical bard. His teacher at the time knew a Ceoladir who then took Brendan under his wings.

Now in his early 30ies Brendan himself is looking out for magical kids to train them as arcane bards.

He knows most melodies available to Ceoladir as well as a few songs that have an effect without needing magic to work. He has a few instruments, most of them build himself and his main lute is enchanted with a few tricks, making it indestructible and improving his performances. When he plays in an Inn some listeners even swear to hear a full orchestra but the most fascinating is his deep beautiful voice that matches so good with the mellow and melancholic mood of most albernian melodies.

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