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Rats under Honeyngton Session 2 (On The Road)

After knowing that Eolan and Tsamara left Eolans townhouse 5 days ago in a red coach with two brown horses, the decision was to check the gates, but first they wanted to check in with the TSA temple to find out if Tsamara was actually known there, as they were a bit suspicious. As it was already quite late they decided that any guards at the gates now would not have been the right shift to ask anyway. And with the TSA temple closest to the dangerous sunken part of the city, going there in the morning seemed to be wiser.

The TSA temple in Havena is located on a small hill, almost surrounded by the sunken old city and run by a blessed of TSA that only recently returned from a fae globule. She knew Tsamara as a travelling blessed of TSA and actually saw her at the temple once with an old man, who could have been Eolan for prayers. She also told the heroes that indeed a ceremony exists that can stop aging, but actually renewing youth is the power of the goddes alone, though there are holy springs that are rumoured to sometimes rejuvenate.

At the largest gate Savertin again found a guard he knew and after a few silver he was able to remember the coach and also confirmed Eoland and a young colourful-clothed woman as its passengers, leaving Havena eastwards.

As I didn't want to drag out the travels, I focused on the route and ruled they would eventually always find someone to have seen the coach or It's passengers. So in Abilacht where the road from Havena meets a north-south route they found that their targets traveled further north.

Half a day from Honeyngton, on the imperial road, obscured by heavy rain, their coachman Nitor overlooks the cart blocking the road (double 20 on perception)

Perhaps he even would have crashed into it, had not Halvar decided to listen to some of his stories and spotted the ambush while the other 3 heroes had a bit of a card game inside the coach.

Screeching the coach came to a halt with a nasty surprise for the would be robbers as Barukh jumped out and rushed a robber with a crossbow standing close to the coach. on the other side Hluthar came out while Savertin started loading his crossbow while still covered inside. Halvar was climbing on top of the coach to get his bow and presented a good target for a crossbow bolt.

For two combat turns it didn't look too good on Hlutars side as multiple robbers ran to him from the barricade and Cordovan charged on his horse from behind while both Halvar and Savertin were not yet ready to engage. Then Barukh was finished with his enemy and came over and also Nitor used his whip to take out one of the robbers. This turned the fight and soon most robbers fled while 3 were captured.

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