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Rats under Honeyngton Part 5c

Finally some Rats

The White Vagabond recently started to have a problem with rat infestation and Niall will ask the heroes to deal with it quietly to avoid public attention.

He thinks it is just a simple extermination job but fears if he uses a local specialist, that will only spread rumours. He can offer some silver or free lodging to about 3 times the value in silver. A nice option to tie your group down in Honeyngton until the next thing happens.

The Rats were seen by the family Kevendoch and their bar maid Fianna a number of times, especially in the cellar and they even attacked Fianna (who is right now at the temple of Peraine for treatment)

This is the cellar:

Aggressive rats can be encountered in every room, who try to lure the heroes in and then overwhelm them as a swarm.

When the rats flee they tend to hide in the firewood. If the heroes dig through the stack of firewood they will discover cracks in the wall that lead towards the sewers, just big enough for rats.

There is a manhole cover in front of the Inn, if they want to investigate further (I updated the maps in the previous article with some subtle changes) but just plugging the cracks will solve the problem at least temporarily.

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