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Rats under Honeyngton Part 5b

Updated: May 27, 2023

Staying at The White Vagabond

In the Dormitory there is space for 16 guests in bunk beds, two rooms with 8 guests each. This is the cheapest way to stay at the White Vagabond, if you don't mind sharing the room with up to 7 other guests at 3 Halers

The 6 Double rooms are 8 Halers each, the 2 Large Double Rooms are 10 Halers, 15 Halers for the Group Room that sleeps 4 and the Suite with Meeting Room and Servants Quarters is 25 Halers.

Traveling by Horse or Carriage adds extra 10 Halers per Horse and 10 Halers to store a carriage in the Yard.

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