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NPC Wednesdays #24

"Karkush is mighty and proud Orc-Warrior."

Actually his human mother called him Tsajan, so he only is a half orc. He grew up shunted by human society, so it's no wonder he sought new companions after his mothers untimely death. Even as a teenager he was stronger and more resilient than most, so when he joined Morenas group of bandits aged 13 he quickly became one of the better fighters. He often fights fueled by some inner rage and frenzy. He might even try to bite an opponent and once his jaws are locked he would only let go when either he or his target are dead. Geppert thinks he is somewhat of a loose canon and a liability as it's only a matter of time until he enters a blood rage amongst the cultists.

While in Honeyngton the other keep him hidden in the sewers and when he comes out he is usually disguised with hooded cloak pulled deep down his face.

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