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Rats under Honeyngton Sidetracks #1b

The Fountain of Youth (A Hook)

Alwinje Bornski/Aldare Boccalino/Ayshira Bishar/Alriqa Borretos (SHE) is a merchant in Bornland/Horasian Empire/Land of the Tulamids/The South and recently discovered that something is off with the "heir" of her old tradepartner Elko Notjes/Eolan Novara/Eslam ibn Nasir/Efferdito Nadaljeff (HE).

HE had confided in her that he met a blessed one of TSA (Tsamara) that helped him to stay younger and eventually would allow him to shed decades. So SHE assumed that the new heir was the old HE in his younger body.

SHE decided to hire some investigators to find this Tsamara or the whereabouts of her old friend HE.

If the heroes investigate, they can find out that HE traveled to Honeyngton and they can follow the breadcrumbs there.

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