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Rats under Honeyngton Session 4 (From Honeyngton to Hilberts Farm)

The next morning the heroes planned to take a tour through the taverns and temples of honeyngton to ask around if anyone had seen Eolan or Tsamara.

In the burned down Praios temple Barukh had a theological conversation with the single remaining blessed one who lives in a tent among the ruins.

Eventually they reached the brothel Seven Tulamidian Nights, though just before midday it was closed. They went around the nearby houses and Savertin struck up a conversation with Yanna. She had seen the two enter an abandoned house, greeted by a man inside. And the next morning she saw one of the stablehands from Hilberts Farm help that mysterious man lift a heavy box on his cart and then drive off with the young woman sitting next to him, assuming the old man still stayed inside.

Savertin was able to find out why the house had been abandoned some moons ago and it was a gruesome chillingly tragic story how out of the blue the husband massacred his family and killed himself.

Since then occasionally ghostly lights have been seen in the house and there were signs in Foxian warning of supernatural danger.

Deducting that the stablehand would be very noticeable and likely be headed to Hilberts Farm, the heroes have Nitor prepare the coach and investigate at the eastern gate if any guard had seen him. And indeed he had been seen and the guards even told our heroes that Hilberts Farm is about a days drive away though in recent years the old Hilbert hardly made the trip himself anymore, so Sigmar is a common sight every couple of weeks.A nights rest on the road brought them around midday to a small path from the road to a farm a middenmile south of the road near some woodland.

They left Nitor with their coach at the main road and sneaked towards the farm. It seemed quiet except for some animal noises and they decided to march up to the house and demand Eolan to be handed over to them.

After knocking a surprised Sigmar opened. „We know that Eolan Novara is here and we won’t leave until he is handed to us.“ Sigmar tells them to wait outside and shuts the door again. Minutes pass by until Barukh decides to break it open.

He again sees Sigmar, not surprised and now wearing a chain mail armour holding a battle axe,…

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