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Rats under Honeyngton Session 10

Session 10 (Back in Honeyngton)

(This was a shorter session though two events will have longer impact) The next day arriving in Honeyngton the heroes meet up again with Eolan and Hluthar in the White Vagabond and went through their options. It was decided to have Eolan travel to Havena protected by Hluthar and Barukh while Aurelian, Halvar, Ishan and Savertin would follow the leads here in Honeyngton. Savertin went on to get to know his way around and after a critical success in Streetwise he found Alrik the beggar who would become a very useful asset. Ishan investigated the area around the suspicious house to find good avenues to approach it unseen. Aurelian, due to a time clash of his player, went to visit the wizard’s college outside the city. And Halvar convinced Eolan to allow him to gaze into his mind when he was recounting the events in a psychology/treat soul session. This gave Halvar a glimpse of Baltram when Mara was entering the suspicious house in Honeyngton with Eolan a couple of weeks ago. Describing him to the guards was not precise enough but the heroes were advised to seek out an Artist to help them make a sketch they could show around like a wanted poster.

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