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Rats under Honeyngton Part 3

Trouble in Soap Quarter

This scenario requires stealth, streetwise and perception, perhaps even some disguise skills and might not suit every group of heroes.

The heroes have come to the attention of Alrik, the moody guard. Perhaps because they prevented a firestorm burning Honeyngton to ashes? Anyway at this stage, the cult is still thought to be just a gang of criminals and their further plans are unknown. Alrik wants to outsource the investigation so he doesn't have to deal with it and the southwest quarter around the soap market calms down a bit and he doesn't get blamed for any unrest forming under his watch.

There the cultists have started to extort protection money to finance the cult.

Alrik approaches the Heroes to convince them to help him quietly. If the heroes are known to him (or their GM) for behaving less than subtle, he stresses the point that he wants no extra attention to the quarter. If in doubt they shouldn't act as vigilantes and pick fights with any perpetrators, this is just to investigate and feed back to him. He doesn't have much of a budget and appeals to their sense of good and justice to help him for just a couple of silverthalers.

What are the cultists doing?

Their first targets are the stalls on the soap market then followed by a restaurant on the west end of the market (marked with red O) and finally a soap manufacturer (red X)

Their tactics are actually quite elaborate:

Hagen will first evaluate the target and either approach them directly or make Raluf bully them. Hadwiga will stay nearby as overwatch in disguise as beggar. Gerion would stay further away in a back alley with Elaria and with Sigrun placed on an opposite roof.

They do this to be aware of any approaching guards and have extra muscle in case their target needs more convincing.

If the heroes are not subtle enough, the cultists will notice them first. Their reaction depends on how much of a thread the heroes are perceived to be. Without modern communication there are limited ways for them to share information and their pre arranged signals would not cover all eventualities.

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