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NPC Wednesdays #Review2 (and a contest)

Updated: Oct 1

50 NPCs!

This is actually far more than i thought i would put together when i started this series a year ago, hence to celebrate that and that our blog is one year now, there is a contest for our readers at the end of this entry.

Another half year of NPC are done, time to recap again:

Out of 50 regular NPCs we have 18 magic users and 12 NPCs blessed by a god. That's more than half of all NPC, even taking into account there are two that are both blessed and magic users. 41 are human and in total 23 are female. As actual villains I would see 11 of the NPCs, 5 of them blessed to the Nameless One.

So i have definitely increased the percentage of magic users and of females since my last review, though i have cheated a few times by creating the same NPC in different versions, all of them magical females.

Another interesting statistic is that i have 35 NPCs to be used in Honeyngton (that's including 18 extra short form NPCs for Rats under Honeyngton)

What is next?

I have a new new version of my sheet that now also includes age and AP (and the experience level as a measure how high the stats go) that i want to roll out to the older NPCs at some point. That might be a good opportunity to revisit some of the shorter texts to beef them up and make these NPCs more useful. I could also refresh their tokens with some of the newer options of PortraitWorks like background scenes.

My primary focus are still new NPCs each Wednesday. Having a batch ready in advance would make that easier and less last minute, so i am already planning ahead and sometimes it takes a while before someone is ready.

For example Reon the red had been on the drawing board almost a year and also the 3 incarnations of the witch Rovena were planned together.

As a sneak peak, i have someone who has been waiting for quite some time to bring the word of the thunderous lioness to Aventuria:

Also her has been on the drawing board for a while (and yes, that's two magic weapons)

And this is one of the oldest portraits i have, made before i even thought about Alrik

Have a guess what profession she will have?

Post your guess in the comments (just one entry each within the next 4 weeks) below and the winner of this contest will win an NPC of their choice (within the possibilities of TDE to be made by me)


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