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NPC Wednesdays #41

Mirasab with the purple hair

Maraskan is different and dangerous. It seems as if almost every plant and animal is venomous or poisonous and/or wants to eat you. Yes, there are plants that want to eat you like the Disdychonda and the Djadurzak, the later also called hunting weed.

Living in these conditions alone would make you weird but the culture of Maraskan descended from a religious/philosophical sect that emigrated to the island many centuries ago. They live in the firm belief in the beauty of the world, it being a present from one of their twin gods to the other, thrown as a discus through space.

The fabled Buskur sword masters are somewhat similar to the wandering swords found on the continent, though heavily influenced by this philosophy. To praise the beauty of the world, Mirasab dyes her hair purple and adorned her wooden armor as colourful as possible.

She fights in the classical Dajin Buskur combat style using an almost unmoving stance with the Tuzak Knife raised high and swung widely, occasionally even teasing her opponents to strike first (see Aventurian Compendium p146, 157, 162 & 164) Her Tuzak Knife is ideally suited for this style (see Aventuria Armory p90) and was made by an excellent Weaponsmith (giving it +1AT & +1DP).

Mirasab also has an artefact from Madahajida the thoughtful allowing her to turn into a Panther.

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