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NPC Wednesdays #38

Madahajida the thoughtful hails, as the strange name might suggest, from the island of Maraskan, where she studied magic at the Tuzak School of Shaping, long before the city and most of the island fell to the demon hordes of Borbarad. She further studied for a year at the Dragonegg Academy and now resides in As'Tuzak, 'Opposite Tuzak', which is a quarter in Khunchom full of expatriates from Maraskan.

Here the tulamid architecture has been superseded by the typical maraskani tower houses, so Madahajida in some way actually lives in her own wizards tower, having the top two floors of a 5 floor maraskani tower.

There she offers her services as a guild mage, mainly offering to create and analyse artefacts and magic weapons. Her specialty are artefacts that allow the user to turn into an animal. While she is not as good in artificing as the guild mages that spent their whole education at the Dragonegg Academy on the other side of town, her expertise in transformation spells like eagle wing and wolf paw make her artefacts still sought after items.

As an example this is an artefact she made for Mirasab with the purple Hair, a Buskur and relative of her:

(Please note the animal is actually a Panther, but you can use the stats for the Jaguar in the Bestarium)

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