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NPC Wednesdays #29

Larissa is a spy against her will

Originally she was a city guard in Honeyngton, working with Alrik. Then Geppert and Baltram picked her as a target.

Geppert seduced her and then used first Nameless Doubt and later also Nameless Oblivion on her.

Under the influence of these both liturgies Larissa lost all her convictions and became a minion of the cult. Every 2-3 days she meets with Geppert to report back and gets her enchantment renewed. Unfortunately, while they prepped her for her role as spy, the liturgies created some subtle changes in her behaviour, that Alrik picked up but later, luckily for Geppert, attributed to her being distracted by love.

If discovered while still under the influence of the liturgies, she would fight to the death. If captured and sedated until the liturgies wear off, her recollection of what she had done under the influence will be hazy at best.


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