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Travia, Homestead and Family

In a way Travia represents a the ideal some of the twelvegods protect through their domains. How could you feel safe in your home if Praios didn't protect you with laws and Rondra didn't protect you by sword. Travia isn't the most exciting Goddess out there but she plays an integral role in the Twelvegod pantheon. Her followers give shelter, are charitable and almost everyone is happy to see one.

The Aspect of Faithfullness

Travia is the goddess of Hearth and Home. As such she is the one most often prayed to to oversee marriages. Now there are people who'd rather get married under another god if they associate tehmselves with them more, but Travia is the standard. She watches over families and family life. Be that just living with a partner or with children. For this reason temples of Travia aren't overseen by a single person but always by married pairs. This aspect is the cause for a little bit of conflict between the followers of Travia and Rahja as the former stands for stability and faithfullness with one partner while the latter stands for the joy of living your live and changing your partner is no problem for her. Now it has to be said that this isn't really a conflict and especially not one that has lead to warring between the churches as both are rather peacefull but it can lead to discussions between followers.

The Aspect of Hospitality

Hospitality is of great importance to Travia because it encourages friendliness between households and therefore peace within them and peace with people wandering through. Adventurers and other wanderers can always find a bed in Temples of the Kind-hearted Mother as long as they keep the peace there and take part in the household tasks.

The Aspect of Home

It is hard to have a family and always support it while you're on the road. It is also easier to get tempted to become unfaithful in faraway lands where no word of it will get brought back home. These are some of the negative reasons why one of Travias aspects is home, there are some positives as well though. Having a place you can call your own, where you live with your partner and maybe some children brings security for example. As such her Church doesn't look too kindly on Soldiers of Fortune, travelling Merchants and others who don't stay in one place. This doesn't manifest in outright rejection of them, as they still are part of the community of a country or at least the Aventurian community. But these people can expect a sermon if they meed one of her followers.

The Aspect of Charity

Well placed charity makes the community stronger and can help people find their place in it. As such the Kind-Hearted Mother tries to be charitable in many aspects. They manage orphanages and houses for the poor as well as public soup kitchens to feed those who can't feed themselves.

Worship and Rituals

Travia is worshipped around all of Aventuria. She even is the goddess with the most successfull missionaries in the south. The temples are rarely richly decorated and can at times look more like sleeping halls than an actual temple to a goddess. Not only are geese the holy animal of Travia but every pair of Tempel managing Priests holds a flok of temple geese. Blessed one's of Travia are rarely the arrogant type and more the type to help with their hands, either to clean, cook or do other tasks at the temple or to help the community they are part of. Be it helping someone build a house in a village or helping out in a soup kitchen in one of the larger cities.

I hope you enjoyed this look at Travia, and I'll see you next time when we talk about Boron.

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