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Rats under Honeyngton Session 1 (Havena)

(For reference I added the character names to the first post)

The game started in Havena, Aldare Boccalino had just arrived for a deal with Eolan Novara. Unfortunately no one knew where he was and thinking about what Eolan hinted in her previous talks, Aldare made an advert looking for adventurers.

Just minutes after the advert went up the heroes meet reading it. On the way to the pier they introduce themselves to each other. There they find a merchant vessel moored, bustling with activity.

In her cabin Aldare tells them why she needs adventurers to find her old friend:

She and Eolan have known each other for decades and still meet up regularly, about once a quarter, mainly in Havena, occasionally in Grangor or Bethana.

Two years back Eolan started to mention his desire to regain his youth. The last few meetings Eolan actually seemed quite youthful and energetic but told Aldare that the effect of the ceremony performed on him only lasts a couple of months and for a permanent regaining of youth an even more powerful ceremony in a secret place holy to TSA would be needed. On their last meeting Eolan confided in Aldare, that Tsamara hinted that he might have a chance to be gifted a few years by the goddes TSA. Aldare is not sure if Tsamara is really blessed by TSA or just a golddigger preying on an old man defenseless against the youthful charme.

This morning when Aldare arrived, instead of finding Eolan at his warehouse office, only his clerk Halman was there, not having seen his master in days.

She will pay the heroes 3 silver a day apiece and pays 5 days up front if they can find Eolan for her.

After they accepted, their first target is Eolans office/warehouse. Luckily one of the heroes, Savertin Sanin, the young noble, actually knows Halman from a few games of Boltan.

This way they find out that Eolan was last seen 5 days ago in the early morning hours by the warehouse security collecting paperwork from his office. Halman himself had seen Eolan 7 days ago near a fancy hotel not far from the royal palace. He had seen him only from a distance, but was sure it was him. There was a young beautiful woman with him he hadn't seen before.

Halman will go through the papers for the heroes to see if he can identify which ones Eolan took and gave them the address where Eolan lives.

There the charming warrior Hluthar convinced Aedith, Eolans cook, to help them. The heroes find out quite a lot. Apparently Tsamara had been a guest every couple of months, with Eolan always in a good mood in her presence. Aedith however was cautious of this new guest

 Jirtan, the domesticus, was very fond of the good looking girl.

Most recently Eolan received a note a week ago and went on to a meeting, presumably with Tsamara and when he returned the following day he had Jirtan pack his luggage and another day later, 5 days ago, mid morning, Tsamara turned up with a red coach with two brown horses and picked up Eolan. From the direction they left, the Nostria gate or the Gareth gate were the most likely next destination.

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