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Rats under Honeyngton Session 0 (The Premise)

Updated: Jan 13

Rather unplanned in the end of November I ended up being a GM for a new group and decided to use the ideas I had gathered here on the blog for my adventures.

I will try to log what is happening in that group so you dear reader can see how I went about getting this small campaign started and how it plays out.

The group is actually playing in German and it's a weekly game, planned to last for 2-3 months. 4 Players each Tuesday ( with Christmas coming up it will more likely average only 2 in 3 weeks).

My posts here will be again biweekly Saturdays 1800 UK time, so I don't run out of content if we miss some sessions.

At our session 0 I tasked the players to come up with characters that would travel to Albernia together and join a city based plot with intrigue and action.

Let me introduce you to my players and their initial character ideas:

Player 1 proposed a nostrian witch (Halvar Turmwart, which roughly translates to Tower-keeper) that is providing the duty of a postal service, similar to the riders of Beilunk. With the difference being his service is only a one witch show and the name (RNPS - Royal Nostrian Postal Service) and the "official" uniform are just a fantasy. As a witch with a flying cart his abilities to deliver long distance are impressive as is his dedication to the task.

It's a distinctively different take on the Raven witch than I presented with Selwine

Player 2 chose a warrior of the Northmarches (Hluthar Flusswieser, roughly translated to Rivermeadows), more specific from the academy in Elenvina and will be the informal leader of the group, at least during combat. Some Albernians still hold a grudge with the Northmarches due to the recent civil war. This specific warrior is quite suave and should be able to talk himself out of most situations, so this enmity should not affect the group too much.

For player 3 this will be the first time playing TDE in the 5th edition. He wanted a rather unique fighter and chose a gladiator from Fasar (Barukh al-Namr), fighting with armoured gloves in close combat, hoping to knock out the enemy using the boxing combat style (this is not out in English yet, essentially it lets you cause levels of


Player 4 is thinking about a rogue-ish type of character and ended up with a Courtier (Savertin Sanin), born to a noble family close to Havena. Not being the heir to the barony, he sought the pleasures of the nearby metropolis and became well versed in the shadier places where gambling and alcohol are abundant. At some point his family reduced his monthly allowance to a quarter, so he now has to work to maintain his expensive lifestyle.

Edit: added the names of the characters.

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