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NPCwednesdays #5

Updated: May 17, 2023

Noble from Albernia

Albernia is rich in myths and legends, in particular regarding fairies. And quite a lot of those stories are true. The realms of humans and fairies overlap in Albernia more than almost anywhere else in Aventuria. Portals between the realms open up regularly to cross the barrier and some are even open permanently, like deep in the Farindelwood. This leads to lots of interaction between albernians and fairies and some families are known (or rumoured) to have close ties to fairies. These are quite often noble families of old heritage, protecting the lands and fairy realms alike for generations.

Lady Keira Fenwasian descends from perhaps the oldest of these families, going back almost 2000 years. The common folk thinks that House Fenwasian has made powerful pacts with fairies and that even some fairy blood runs in their veins and Lady Keira's Eyes with two different colours as well as her knack for prophecy are seen by some as proof of this.

While this might make superstitious people be uneasy near her, all would respect her due to her family ties and also her charming nature.

As member of a traditional noble house she had been going through the classic page/squire/knight education and trained with the Knights of the Order of the black Thistle, a knightly Order loyal to (and sponsored by) House Fenwasian.

While not a full knight herself (there is a separate "Noble" profession in Aventuria Compendium) I increased some skills and combat techniques to reflect that upbringing.

This makes her quite proficient with two handed swords and I decided to give her a special blade: an albernian bastardsword made with Toshkril (+2 Damage) and finely balanced (AT+1, PA+1) costing 1800 silver (using the approach we presented here: )

She is often accompanied by a proper knight of the Order of black Thistle (with his squire) and in or near Farindelwood a flower fairy could also help her with fairy magic.

That makes her a formidable foe for a small not too experienced group of heroes if they cross her path in anger. With her uncle Bragon Fenwasian being the Count of Winhall it would be unwise to attack her.

A much better use would be for her to be hiring the heroes for expeditions: Currently Lady Keira is most interested in the Dryad-Amulett of House Fenwasian, that has been lost for about 300 years and she is very eager to find it.

Count Bragon has promised a reward (750 silver) to whomever finds it but for Lady Keira it's more about enhancing her standing in House Fenwasian.

She could hire the heroes to follow rumours, especially if those lead further away from the Farindelwood where she might not be able to go herself.

This is a perfect opportunity to send the group of heroes to almost any corner of Aventuria.

Should she be able to accompany the heroes she can be a good supporter with greater prophecy giving the group additional fate points for the adventure and her social standing a s a noble opening some doors that might otherwise be closed.

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