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NPC Wednesdays #61

Hesindio has always been close to the goddess of Magic even before it became apparent that he indeed was gifted with magic himself. To squander this gift would have been irresponsible, so the temple that cared for the orphan and expected him to join their ranks as novice sought out a local mage they knew to be a devout follower of Hesinde and asked him to train the young boy.

Magister Hesindius Lightblaze was a regular visitor of the temple anyway, so this gave Hesindio lots of opportunities to stay close to the faith. He became an acolyte while also becoming a mage. He joined the Order of Draconites as a arcane member and after a number of years he became fully ordained and joined the ranks of the sacral members.

He can accompany a group of heroes to support them with healing and blessings against evil magic.

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