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NPCwednesdays #6

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Knight of the Order of the black Thistle

The Order of the black Thistle was founded by the noble House Fenwasian in the Middenrealm province of Albernia before Albernia even became a province of the Middenrealm. Made up of members of House Fenwasian and their vassals the Order is a strong base of power in the Winhall region, which surrounds the Farindelwood. An ancient forrest full of fairies that can cross over from their realm into the realm of men and some of whom are considered allied with House Fenwasian. Indeed each lance (3 knights, 3 men-at-arms and & squires typically) of the Order of the black Thistle is said to be bound to a particular high fairy and that fairy even decides which young page becomes accepted as squire.

Rhys ui Ludh was born to a minor noble family in service to House Fenwasian and was given as a page to them. When he turned 14 he was Introduced to the fairy Cxcardh who deemed him worthy to become a squire of the Order and since then he had been part of Lance Cxcardh, eventually becoming a knight and serving the Order of the black Thistle and House Fenwasian faithfully for many years. Currently he and his squire Connor are dispatched to support Lady Keira Fenwasian in her quests.

He is a masterly (actually spent 1506 AP instead of 1400 AP) Knight with a focus on combat with a wide range of options to pick from:

From horseback with a lance he is equally at home in a joust or on the battlefield. With Mounted Combat (Core 249), the Knight Of The Old Path Combat Style (AC 159) and Frontal Assault (AC 162) or Mighty Tilt (AC 163) he can be very bad news for infantry and monsters alike.

His two handed sword he can only use on foot but it also dishes out heavy damage, especially when combined with Feint (Core 248) to reduce their targets defense or with Forceful Blow (Core 248) to make even more damage.

Both on foot and on horseback sword and shield or Orge Swatter (a chain weapon) and shield are additional options, with active shield use giving a very high parry score and the attacks again benefitting from Feint/Forceful Blow.

He is Inured to Encumbrance (Core 248) which allows him to ignore 2 of the 3 encumbrance levels his Plate armour has in exchange for its protection level of 6.

As a Rugged Fighter what little damage breaches his defense and armour is unlikely to caus any pain status until after many combat rounds in the midst of battle, so he would be likely to be the last man standing in a confrontation.

And he would be willing to risk fights not only because of trusting his abilities but also because his obligations and principles would make him defend those under his protection.

He is well mannered and not out for trouble unless he perceives a thread. But he is not a trained bodyguard, missing some crucial special abilities for that purpose.

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