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NPC Wednesdays #58

Zahori are a nomadic tribe of tulamids that left their homelands many generations ago and since then have taken up a life of travelling.

With their colourful wagons they roam from the Horasian Empire via the Middenrealm (especially Almada) to Arania and the lands of the Tulamids.

Often they are performers, though most people also think of them as some kind of scoundrel and are torn between admiration of their talents and prejudice.

Jadira is a fortune teller. Most of the times she just tells some mysterious sounding vague fortunes that people like to hear. Cards and handlines are just a prop to help her judge people. And despite speaking flawless Garethi, Jadira speaks with heavy accent and has her hair dyed in multiple colours when performing. Occasionally, she actually has real glimpses into the future but is reluctant to tell anyone.

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