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NPC Wednesdays #57

Nirka is a Blessed One of Aves.

She is not as colourful as some would expect a blessed of Aves to be. As a Seer of the Hidden Path she believes in Karmatic Causality Knots. She does not know this theory by name but understands the concept:

Ahead of decisive points in history there is a point in the flow of time where the threads of fate, each representing the fate of an individual, accumulate and tie together like a giant knot. This makes prophecy about what will happen difficult. If she follows those threads, she will be drawn to those events and with her gifts she can influence fate of those individuals who's decisions will determine how the event will turn.

If your heroes need a little help, she can turn up out of nowhere and give them extra Fate Points or boost their ability to use them ahead of their decisive clash with a villain. She will not affect the outcome herself, just nudge those destined to do so just a little bit.

She could also travel for a while with the heroes, to observe where their path leads them and to understand if they are the chosen ones foretold in her visions.

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