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NPC Wednesdays #56

Demon Hunter is not a proper profession in aventuria but rather a calling some heroes had in recent years. Since Borbarad returned in 1015 FB, Demons have had a huge resurgence and even after his banishment his remaining followers, among them the heptarchs, continued to use Demons to further their goals. In the Year of Fire 1027FB two of the heptarchs joined forces in an attempt to destroy Gareth, the capital of the middenrealm. They came very close and during the Battle in the Clouds above Gareth, creatures of chaos descended on the city. This had a lot Impression on a young girl, that would later pick the mage name Celissa Bloodelm upon graduation.

In her training at the imperial Academy of Sword and Staff in Gareth she concentrated on her abilities to fight Demons and trained a lot with swords, even dual wielding. Normally guildmages are banned from using full size swords but this academy has an exception in guild law for a long sword. Made into a temporary magic weapon by the ritual Spellblade Spiritspear together with her Bloodelm Staff transformed into a Sword of Flame Celissa has 2 magic blades to dual wield.

Celissa used her skills when the heptarch Haffax reached Gareth in 1040 FB. Her heroics in the defense even earned her the blade Demonpain forged by the Weaponsmith of Heroes, Thorn Eisinger himself as reward. This was the perfect blade for her to bind as Spellsword.

Protected by Armatrutz, Demonic Shield, Gardianum and Physio/Psychostabilis besides her Swords she can also use Ignifaxius to hurt Demons.

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