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NPC Wednesdays #53

The Lioness of Alveran blessed Eleonora to protect the defenseless against unholy creatures. For this Eleonora wields an ancient Rondra's Crest named Amâdhcha and took on that blades name. Legend has it that the blade was forged by Trolls and the name roughly translates to mighty in combat. Despite its age the blade shines stainless as the Toschkril it was made from resists rust. The previous owner died buying time for a small village to flee the hordes of Borbarad and only when Warunk was freed by a miracle of Rondra was the blade recovered. When Eleonora was ordained the praetor performing that ceremony had a vision that the blade was destined to be given to the young priest.

Eleonora outwardly embraced this destiny but inside of her doubts are forming. Would she die young like any previous bearer of this blade? Would her sacrifice be really a sacrifice if that fate was predetermined? Or is this a way the goddess is testing her faith and commitment? When the heroes meet this young Blessed of Rondra, she is plagued by self doubt and unsure if those doubts are already a sign of her loosing faith which makes her doubt even more.

The blade is indeed special as it can, one time only, cast The Great Sacrifice upon the bearer (See Gods of Aventuria p137/138, roll 14/14/14 with a SR of 16 and consider all enhancements active)

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