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NPC Wednesdays #52

Life changes you, especially if you just barely managed to survive. You were an ambitious and proud warrior, strong in the belief especially in Praios and studied at the esteemed academy in Elenvina. The principles of honour, loyalty and protecting the weak had been instilled in the young boy from the start and guided the young man into war. But the horrors of war against the daemon hordes twisted these principles. When the weak die before your eyes with you feeling helpless to protect them and when the only thing for yourself to survive is to sacrifice your command. Hiding and lying like a thief you barely made it back behind the lines, but you couldn't return home as your honour was lost. The only thing you have left is your military prowess, so you are a sellsword now. Not a regular mercenary, you don't want to end up being sent back to the Shadowlands. You protect merchants on their travels. Either on your own or by directing additional mercenaries in a more commanding role, preferably some with shields to better protect your employer.

You are Bernhelm. Just Bernhelm as your family and heritage do not matter anymore:

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