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NPC Wednesdays #50

What if the rumours are true? Not about her Djinn heritage but that the god of luck smiles on Fatime bint el'Djinn? If he had blessed her, she would have a number of karmic abilities that make her even better as an cat burglar.

Now she can create a darkness only she can see through. Spending KarmaPoints she can climb even better and can survive should she slip and fall. Her abilities to sneak or hide are now unnaturally good, even against foes that could see through her magical illusions.

If cornered consider to not only use quicksilver to run away, it can also boost her combat abilities making her Witch's Claws even more deadly (up to 1D6+9 at QL5+)

And even if she is caught, with a body of fog nothing will stop her from escaping.

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