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NPC Wednesdays #49

Elves are rare in the southern half of Aventuria and with their innate magic abilities a lot of Tulamids mistake them for the Djinni of legends. Fatime has heard all these stories and tends to tell people that indeed her father was a Djinn, instead of an adventuring halfelf that left her pregnant mother in the streets of Fasar when he returned north.

His magical legacy gave Fatime the means to rise above the dirty streets, quite literally making her climb up the towers of the rich and mighty and earning her living very true to the ideals of Feqz (as Phex is known in the land of the tulamids)

More than once the god of luck smiled on her, building a reputation she might actually be flying through the air on her heists. Here the stories of her being of Djinn heritage come full circle.

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