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NPC Wednesdays #48

TSA is mainly known as goddess of peace but her aspects also include freedom. Takate, which translates to "One Whose Hand is Always Bloody" is part of the so called Lizard-Warriors who embody the spirit of freedom and seek to free those enslaved by the likes of the Al'Anfanian Empire or the lands of the Tulamids.

The Yakosh-Dey are know to the other Forrest Folk as one of the "Lost Tribes" as they left the traditional ways. They have gained a bad reputation for hunting other tribes and selling them into slavery. So for Takate, joining the Lizard Warriors is also a change, even a rebirth, both also aspects of TSA. It could be argued that killing even slavers would be against TSA ideals, but Takate seems to still be somewhat blessed by her, hardly ageing at all.

This occasionally leads people to underestimate his combat prowess. Unarmed or with his Katar, where the blade looks somewhat like the tail of a lizard, he is a very deadly fighter.

His tactics are based on combining basic maneuveres like Feint or Precise Thrust or Circumvent with special maneuveres like Deadly Thrust, Onslaught or Bladestorm, based on who his opponent is: Circumvent and Deadly Thrust or Bladestorm are good against long weapons, while Onslaught can counteract the penalty of Feint or Precise Thrust if Takate is reasonably sure to finish the opponent.

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