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NPC Wednesdays #45

If you think about a spoiled brat, you could picture Akim ben Kajid, whose father Kajid abu'l Aram ("Father of Tents") is an influential Emir of a Tribe settled near the Mhanadi river at the edge of the Khom desert (or where els you need a Novadi Tribe).

Arrogant and vengeful, his life in luxury made him weak and unfit to live on his own. Never having learned to consider the cost of living, he spends the riches his family gathered with both hands to live as he pleases. He is however quite adept in manipulating people to his will.

Fortunately he is not too ambitious and is not eager to start ruling, as his father's followers do not yet respect him for his own lacking achievements. Emir Kajid has started to realise that his succession might be in jeopardy and is looking for ways to make his son to grow up and become able to fill his shoes. Might he have to banish him to learn the harsh realities of life?

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