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NPC Wednesdays #40

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

In Mengbilla ( and in Al'Anfa) Boron is worshipped as the supreme God. For Orelia there is a much more personal connection as she is confident Boron is sending her visions (Gods of Aventuria p74). Her confidence was shaken a bit when the church did not recognise her as speaking for Boron, so she has become a Zelot (Gods of Aventuria p 75) instead of joining the church. She keeps her visions quiet as they mostly just affect herself. Occasionally she has visions of things that will happen to those that travel with her and then she tells them to allow them to change Fate (See Prophecy and Greater Prophecy in Aventuria Compendium p111-112).

Those travelling with her often see Ravens around and she intensely watches them and might even suddenly change her mood, depending what vision she sees, though quite a few visions come in her dreams.

Apart from this spiritual side Orelia has trained as a fighter at the academy in Mengbilla and currently works as a mercenary.

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