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NPC Wednesdays #39

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Arcane Dancers are known in a few cultures, with the tulamidian sharisadim being the most famous and all others likely descended from them. The closest tradition is that of the novadi Rahkisa. Yalisa al’Jamila is one of these and already quite renowned despite her young age due to her beauty and her skilful dancing. She is also one of the few Rahkisa that knows all of the Nine Rastullah-Pleasing Dances (Magic of Aventuria p. 55). This made her arrogant and vain.

So far she hasn't traveled much outside the Khom Desert to actually encounter her fears but she occasionally has bad dreams about being lost in stormy seas.

Otherwise she doesn't fear much, her status in novadi culture makes her almost untouchable. If need be she can defend herself quite well and her dances can help those around her against a number of dangers.

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