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NPC Wednesdays #37

What would happen if the flirty young noble Lavinia ya Novara met a vampire?

Assuming she 'survives" being drained of her Sikaryan, the inner lifeforce of any living being, she will wake up an hour later as a child of darkness.

The full vampire rules can be found in the TDE - Heroic Works Special: Three Colors of Snow Print or PDF.

Becoming a Child of Darkness raises some of your attributes, gives you a number of (dis)advantages and vampiric gifts including Sikaryan drain special abilities. Some vampires even become spellcasters if they invest the extra AP with a GM choice of magical tradition and they can also become blessed of the nameless one.

As i already had enough of the latter i decided for Lavinia to become an Illusionist, giving her some nice extra features for stalking prey (Chamaelioni and Impersona) and to save herself from Praios scorching Eye in Darkness.

Her vulnerabilities were picked to match the typical vulnerabilities you expect a vampire to suffer from, like Sunlight, Holy Water, Stakes and Garlic. Feel free to change these if you want to surprise your players with more unusual vulnerabilities.

Lavinia is still quite open to flirt especially with extraordinary examples and could show interest in one or more of the heroes.

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