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NPC Wednesdays #33

Amuri Kylänjak is a Huntress from the Nivese tribes of the icy north. Like most Nivese, she supports the tribe in herding the karan-deer across the vast steppes of the north but she is mainly a follower of Ripgrief, the patron of hunting, one of the Sky-Wolves (Almanac p.187). Depending on the season, her hunting trips often take her many days away from the tribe, often alone, sometimes with a small group of others.

She enjoys these times away from the tribe as she dislikes large groups of people and prefers the tranquility of nature. If your heroes are wandering anywhere between Riva and Paavi, she could be the last minute rescue from a snowstorm or a hired guide to specific locations in the wilderness as needed.

With her high skills in nature and a collection of special abilities useful in nature she is a formidable help to any group in that region that does not have a nature specialist of their own. In that regard she is the northern equivalent of Rashid ben Omar, though way not as talkative.

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