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NPC Wednesdays #32

The honourable magistrate Gwyn ui Ludh

A cousin of the Knight of the Thistle Rhys ui Ludh, Gwyn is an administrator of the city of Honeyngton on behalf of the local ruler Countess Franka Salva Galahan and works directly for her Steward Belisa Tibradan.

He is of noble birth and was at least somewhat trained in combat ( he even has a nice "better" sword) but his main focus is politics and administration. I created him on basis of the courtier profession. He lives with his family in a stately home in the northeast quarter of Honeyngton. While he is well liked by his peers, his insistence on formalities towards people of a lower social standing make him seem arrogant and vain. He addresses those with a royal "We" regardless if he talks about a decision the whole magistrate council made or just his personal opinion.

He can be often encountered in the city hall and occasionally across the road in the market hall.

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