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NPC Wednesdays #27

Quite often Witches are taught by their parent in the magical arts, but Rovena was just a gifted kid that her parents gave to the old herbalist Josmine.

In rural hamlets witches can be quite revered as someone helping the locals with their problems, so when Rovena started showing magical abilities, instead of traveling many days to the next city with a magic academy where some strangers would investigate their daughter, her parents went to the old Josmine who lives just outside the small settlement and is known to provide potions and healing services.

At this stage Rovena is still in her early education, so I generate her as an intuitive mage (following guidance for abandoned training in Magic of Aventuria p69-72) to represent her incomplete training to date.

With the intuitive mage tradition instead of the witches tradition, she does not yet have access to binding a familiar or use the flying balm.

She is friendly and curious towards travelers and collects colourful snail shells to make jewellery from.

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