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NPC Wednesdays #18

A shoutout to a friend of mine who gave me the idea to make a mathmatician-gambler.

Basilio the Player originally studied math as a scholar at the University of AlAnfa and then realised that the laws of probability govern chances in gambling. He is not as much addicted to gambling but rather to prove his theories, the end result is the same. And as unfortunately he is not too empathic and can't nearly read people as good as the cards he ends up collecting enemies. While he occasionally has to defend himself with fists or daggers he is not really a fighter. Most his special abilities are trade secrets in math and gambling or specialisations in both skills.

If heroes travel the southern half of Aventuria they could easily encounter Basilio in different shady bars or gaming dens. As he travels a lot he could become a familiar sight amongst strangers and when not currently focused on gambling he can be a nice person to talk to and as he is quite perceptive he can brief the heroes on what's doing on in the city.

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