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Ulisses' ORC and ELF License

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Edit: The ELF license is still in the making. Second Edit: This laws in Germany and US are different it is not clear if ELF will only apply to Germany or also to other countries. More information will maybe availble in October 2023 (if everything goes well). Ulisses put all game line that they own: The Dark Eye (TDE; German Das Schwarze Auge), Myranor (TDE Setting), Uthuria (TDE Setting), A Furry Tale (Die Schwarze Katze literally translated: The Black Cat). Hexxen 1733 (Witches 1733), Torg Eternity, and Fading Suns under the ORC and ELF license.

The following information are to the best of our knowledge, but could be wrong as the topic is new and confusing.

The ORC license is from Paizo and allows to use the rules (a system reference docuemt is not necessary). The ELF is from Ulisses (as far as I know) and allows you to use the lore. The ELF license is a little bit more restrictive; you have to ask Ulisses for permission to use it. After that you are allowed to publish own products that use lore and rules from Ulisses game lines. Print and PDFs sale are free of charge. Crowdfundings will be charged with 10%. (if you use the ELF license). You can sell where ever you want, but physical products have also be additionally available over the f-shop and PDFs additionally at (if you use the ELF license).

Already, the German RPG publisher Uhrwerk ( has announced to publish the TDE setting Myranor again (after 5-year break) [Myranor is more of a high-fantasy setting in the sense that there is more magic and far more different species (like feline humanoids)]. Uhrwerk published the TDE 4th Edition version of Myranor. It looks like they continue with TDE 4th Edition products. In case of the TDE game line ORC and ELF also allow the use of older editions. However, that does not necessarily apply to game lines that Ulisses bought later. Furthermore, the ORC+ELF licenses only allow you to create your own products, not to republish entire Ulisses-products. So simply reprinting already exciting Ulisses products is not allowed. For example the rights to TDE 4th Edition Myranor products are owned by Ulisses. Thus, Uhrwerk cannot reprint them. However, they are needed to make new TDE 4th Edition Myranor products usefull. Therfore, Ulisses promissed to give Uhrwerk a separate license to republish them. So existing TDE 4th Edition Myranor products will be reprinted. Further information can be found here in German:

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