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Spread the love - or how to run a convention game

Many moons ago, when the years still began with a 1, I was at tons of conventions, playing and running games. These days, with family and work obligations, I might make it to a couple a year. Still I can spend some of my time there running my favourite game. Maybe someone there will be intrigued enough to try the game in their home group, and boom, a handful of new "The Dark Eye" fans have been born. So much the theory at least.

After having made that decision, and got my slot at Tabletop Scotland, the local convention of choice, I thought, this might actually make some decent content for the blog you always want to contribute to, but haven't had any great ideas recently. So this will be the beginning bit of a little series of articles describing the various stages of preparing the game, and then after it happened my report of how it went, what I learned, and what I might improve for my next time.

Like anything I do, these articles will appear sporadically. First I need to actually have things sorted. Then I need the time to bring them to paper, and to find the pretty pictures for you to look at. For now, I will leave you with this homemade (using Dungeon Alchemist) map (which those in the know will easily be able to tie to a "The Dark Eye" module) I used to run the module in question on Foundry.

Next time I will cover selecting the convention, the time slot length, and the module choice. I.e. the change from I am going to run something at a convention, to I am going to run This scenario, at this convention.

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