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Black Friday Miniature Sale 2023

Ulisses Spiele has a Black Friday Sale is on its printed miniatures and STL files!

Enter BF25OFF at to save 25% on each printed miniature. This shop is probably for customers in the US (and maybe UK?). In Europe you can buy the printed miniatures in the German f-shop (printed by Ulisses Spiele themself.):

You could use the Code BLACKFRIDAY23 on to get 30% off on STL files!

If you are subscript to Ulisses Spiele's Torg Eternity tribe on you get every month 30% off. With the Code BLACKFRIDAY23 it will be 50% off. The tribe cost around 5 dollar a month (a little bit more with tax). Only if you buy a lot of STL files it will make sense to subscribe. You can cancel the subscription afterwards. Or you let it run. The Torg Eternity tribe will end at in December 2023 anyway.

There will be maybe another STL sale at the end of the year, but maybe only for Torg Eternity miniatures. For Torg Eternity are also currently two PDF bundles available

At the beginning of 2024 a new Torg Eternity crowdfunding is supposed to happen. This will be the next English Ulisses Spiele crowdfunding. For TDE no new crowdfunding has been announced, yet. However, the community is doing work. New English Scriptorium-Aventuris have come out this year:

A lot of them by non-German speaking players!

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